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Restart Together

The coronavirus pandemic has shown once more the need for a rapid and sustainable transformation. Sustainability is not
the only answer to our global needs, but is crucial to rebuilding
our productive systems hit by COVID-19 and make them more
resilient, sustainable, and innovative.

At ecoSurge we believe in the advantage of placing UN SDGs
at businesses’ core through digital and business innovation,
and active cooperation (SDG 17). Only together we will be able
to respond to today's challenges due to a more uncertain and
vulnerable society.


Project (need to do spell check when finishing your sheets)


Restart Together aims to support the relaunch of businesses
by fostering idea generation, expertise sharing, and cooperation
in the light of UN SDGs.

It is a network of professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators
and researchers from different countries who want to sup-
port micro-enterprises and SMEs by sharing their expertise,
insights and experiences. 


If interested, contact:

9-11 day.jpg

How the idea started...

The idea of building a network of people collectively sharing their expertise, insights, and willingness to transform the pandemic into an opportunity for paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient tomorrow came to Daniela Tulone during the Italian lockdown last spring.

petrifying images on media showing intensive care units near to collapse, and deserted cities, were made more bearable by scenes of generosity, dedication and professionalism by people eager to do their part and share what they could help out.
In those days the determination of the people to overcome fear and isolation and face all together an unprecedented challenge was expressed from home in the most
creative ways and was unique in how people came together.

Those images reminded Daniela about past scenes she experienced in
NYC during 9/11. The dramatic scenes of the smoking towers, flyers all over the city showing photos of the beloved ones, and the fear of being constantly under threat was made bearable by people's solidarity and willingness to do their part, no matter if marginal or essential.  No doubt, the spirit of solidarity and the vision of a better and stronger NYC made that happen years later.

The question which came to Daniela was “
If solidarity, vision, and hope let us collectively attain goals that are impossible individually  why don’t we try to keep that spirit? And, how powerful to combine technology and business innovation to pave the way for a sustainable, resilient, and social society! This idea was shared with Daniela's international network of friends and colleagues, and together they decided to make this a reality.

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