July 2020

Restart Together

ecoSurge launches an innovative and cooperative project to support the restart of businesses hit by the coronavirus pandemic in the light of UN SDGs.

18-19 June 2020

MIT Conference on Plastic - Invited Speaker

"Plastic and the Environment: Science meets Public Policy"

Daniela Tulone participated with a talk "Plastic reduction and covid-19: opponents or allies?" 

March 2020

Impact of coronavirus pandemic on plastic reduction

ecoSurge and Social Meter by Maxfone launched a project to monitor the impact of coronavirus pandemic on the path taken for reducing plastic production, use and discharge from the business and consumer perspective (SDG 12). The conducted through the analysis of contents from web, blogs and social media using Maxfone's platform.


25 February 2020

MIT Climate Symposia - Economy Wide Deep Decarbonization - Also in Streaming

The Symposium will discuss pathways to scalable, affordable low- to no-carbon fuels; the role of biofuels, hydrogen, and long-term energy storage; and large-scale capture of carbon dioxide and gigaton-scale utilization.  

Watch here the live stream

6 February 2020

Salone CSR Mind Milano

ecoSurge will participate to the Social Innovation Campus and workshop "Enterprises, technologies and innovation for the cities".

6 February 2020

Funky Tomato - Social Innovation Academy

An inspiring success case from Basilicata (Italy) written by Daniela Tulone for the Social Innovation Academy. Funky Tomato is a business developed in Basilicata (Italy) for the production and transformation of tomatoes into high-quality products. It arose as a cultural movement to overcome socio-economic challenges such as gangmaster systems.

29 January 2020

Seminars on the business value of SDGs

ecoSurge is organizing with other partner a series of seminars for SMEs on the business opportunities inherent to SDGs and a sustainable transition. The seminars will be interactive and particularly focused on the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises.

28 January 2020

MIT ALUMNI Italy - Talk "Venice: past, present and future?"  Prof. Paola Malanotte Rizzoli

Paola Malanotte Rizzoli, Professor of Physical Oceanography and Climate at MIT and former consultant for the MOSE barriers, will talk about what has been done so far to protect Venice and will address these questions: What could be the role of technology to save a living city but also a human heritage site? What can be done scientifically before it is too late?

24 January 2020

Presentation of SDGs and the upcomung Camplus Contest

Daniela Tulone will give a talk to Camplus university students about the increasing impact that climate change effects have on society and businesses, and the high potential provided by technology innovation and new business models.

18 January 2020

Saturday Green Brunches

Daniela Tulone will meet a group of international students of the Global MBA of Bologna Business School to discuss about the potential business value inherent to the sustainable transition and the current perception that businesses have of sustainability. This is the first of a series of bi-week informal meetings to discuss each time on a specific aspect of SDGs from the business perspective.

15 January 2020

Climate Change Symposium, Milano

ecoSurge will participate to the Climate Change Symposium 2020 organized by The Reality project, Legambiente, HubZine, Està.

10 January 2020

Camplus and ecoSurge Contest 

Camplus and ecoSurge will launch soon a National Contest open to Camplus university students to foster new ideas to address SDGs challenges.

The final event and the award ceremony will take place in Bologna on May 15. The jury formed by ecoSurge experts from different sectors will be lead by Daniela Tulone.

13 December 2019

Invited Talk at "Emerging Opportunities for IoT and AI"  Dept. of Computer Science, University of Verona

Daniela Tulone will give a talk on the role and high potential of IoT and AI technologies in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, and will present ecoSurge.

7 November 2019

Big Match Event - Sustainable Packaging

ecoSurge will participate to Art-ER event and will meet several companies in the context of sustainable packaging and ecoSurge working group on reduction of plastic packaging in food retailers.

30 October 2019

Bologna Business School - Start-up Ecosystem Day

ecoSurge is invited to participate to the Startup Ecosystem Day 2019. It will be present during the expo, and later with a pitch followed by a round table discussion.

29 October 2019

MIT Climate Symposium - Challenges in climate policy

For streaming click here

2 October 2019

MIT Climate Symposium - Progress in Climate science

For streaming click here

27 September 2019


Meeting ecoSurge working groups

20-22 September 2019


Legambiente - Puliamo il mondo

21 September 2019

Giornata Europea delle Comunità Sostenibili

Daniela Tulone will present ecoSurge Initiative at 5pm

21 September

Resilienze Festival

Serre dei Giardini Margherita, Bologna

ecoSurge 2020