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The coronavirus pandemic has shown once more the need for a rapid and sustainable transformation. Sustainability is not
the only answer to our global needs, but is crucial to rebuilding
our productive systems hit by COVID-19 and make them more
resilient, sustainable, and innovative.

At ecoSurge we believe in the advantage of placing UN SDGs
at businesses’ core through digital and business innovation,
and active cooperation (SDG 17). Only together we will be able
to respond to today's challenges due to a more uncertain and
vulnerable society.


Project (need to do spell check when finishing your sheets)


Restart Together aims to support the relaunch of businesses
by fostering idea generation, expertise sharing, and cooperation
in the light of UN SDGs.

It is a network of professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators
and researchers from different countries who want to sup-
port micro-enterprises and SMEs by sharing their expertise,
insights and experiences. 


If interested, contact:



Who can join Restart Together?
The network is open to individuals and organizations such as SMEs, research labs, institutions, and EU projects involved/interested in reviving their activities in times of pandemic through a sustainable transformation.

How do I join Restart Together?
You can join the network by filling up this form, we'll get back to you.

Shall I pay to join Restart Together?
No, membership is free of charge.

What do I get in joining the project?
As mentioned in the previous page the benefits you can get are different and vary according your interests and engagement.

How do members interact?
The forum takes place as a private LinkedIn group. The development of new project ideas will be carried out in a different venue only with the interested partners.

I never worked in sustainability issues before, can I join the network?
You can join Restart Together as far as you share the need for a sustainable transformation and are interested in advancing towards that goal.

How am I expected to contribute?
To join Restart Together you need to fill in this form and specify your contribution to the network in line with your interests and resources (e.g., sharing your competences, or a project outcome in line with some SDGs, or a resource). We believe that we can grow faster by sharing competences/experiences and giving members the freedom to choose the way to better contribute.

How the LinkedIn group will work?
ecoSurge facilitates discussions around focal themes and organises activities as previously mentioned, but we count on you to share insights and ideas, or propose an activity.

How can I use Restart Together to build a cooperative funded project?
For instance, through a LinkedIn post to explore people interest, or through ecoSurge. We can help you identify potential interested partners.

What are my responsibilities as a member?
Upon joining the network you’ll be asked which contribution you'd like to give to the network, in line with your business interests and resources (see the form). You are asked to maintain an ethical conduct and be consistent with the UN SDGs goals.

What’s the role of ecoSurge?
ecoSurge facilitates professional interactions, the definition of new projects, and promotes professional activities related to sustainability, digital innovation and new business models. ecoSurge is not be responsible for member's behavior.

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