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What drives EcoSurge

Our society is undergoing global radical changes, on one side threats represented by the escalating effects of climate changes that harm communities and the ecosystem services that sustain us, and on the other hand new opportunities offered for rapid technological advancements and digital transformations.

In order to prevent future catastrophic consequences it is urgent to remodulate our social and productive activities to make them sustainable, thus placing environmental protection and human beings at the core of decision-making. Business and technological innovation along with a more effective cooperation across organizations (e.g., public/private, industry, academia, policy-makers, local communities) can speed up such a complex and challenging transition.

As the challenges are already global and we all experience climate changes individually, we must join efforts and share cross-domain competences beyond silos to strengthen and speed up the transition for a sustainable future.

Built on these considerations, ecoSurge employs an interdisciplinary approach that is local and global at the same time, thus paying attention to local communities and their most compelling issues without losing sight of the global picture, its trends and opportunities.

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