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The coronavirus pandemic has shown once more the need for a rapid and sustainable transformation. Sustainability is not
the only answer to our global needs, but is crucial to rebuilding
our productive systems hit by COVID-19 and make them more
resilient, sustainable, and innovative.

At ecoSurge we believe in the advantage of placing UN SDGs
at businesses’ core through digital and business innovation,
and active cooperation (SDG 17). Only together we will be able
to respond to today's challenges due to a more uncertain and
vulnerable society.


Project (need to do spell check when finishing your sheets)


Restart Together aims to support the relaunch of businesses
by fostering idea generation, expertise sharing, and cooperation
in the light of UN SDGs.

It is a network of professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators
and researchers from different countries who want to sup-
port micro-enterprises and SMEs by sharing their expertise,
insights and experiences. 


If interested, contact:



The coronavirus pandemic has shown once more the need for a rapid and sustainable transformation of our productive systems to make them more resilient, adaptable, and oriented to people needs. Only together we will be able to respond to today's challenges due to a more uncertain and vulnerable society.


We are professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, SMEs, innovation labs from different countries and different communities who believe in the power of innovation and active cooperation (UN SDG 17 on Partnerships), and in the urgency to make our social, economic, and political systems more sustainable and resilient.

Participants will guarantee a professional and  ethical behavior in line with the UN SDGs.



The idea of building a network of people collectively sharing their expertise, insights, and willingness to transform the pandemic into an opportunity for paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient tomorrow came to Daniela Tulone during the darkest days of the lockdown in Northern Italy while recalling New York City's reaction to 9/11 and how it turned into a stronger and more innovative city. Read more

Organizing Team

Daniela Tulone, Ph.D. (Bologna, Italy)

Alessandra Scicchitano, Ph.D. (Zurich, Switzerland)

Lucija Kolar, Ph.D. Complementarium (Slovenia)

Sandeep Teki, Ph.D. (India)

Rajesh Kasturiran, Ph.D. (Boston, USA)

Patricia Arnal (Boston, USA)

Colin Whitfield



Davide Pivi

Andrea Molza







Innovation Academy

Quantic Business School



Restart Together is a network of professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, innovation labs sharing expertise and insights, and fostering idea generation in the light of UN SDGs to support the relaunch of micro enterprises and SMEs. It is a kind of "marketplace of business ideas" for relaunching businesses.



Restart Together is based on mutual interactions and contributions. It is currently a LinkedIn group. Upon joining the group participants describe briefly their current interests and desiderata from the network, and experiences/resources they are willing to share with the network.


Participants interested in specific topics can discuss ideas on cooperative funded projects and explore business cooperation.



Join us

  • Join a dynamic and innovative ecosystem to explore ideas for innovative funded projects, joint products, the scale-up of sustainable products/services or their market expansion.

  • Expand your network and business opportunities through a community truly engaged in sustainability and innovation and eager to build collaborations.

  • Expand your resources through an interdisciplinary network of first-class innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers from all over the world.

  • Learn from each others’ experiences, success cases, and best practices.

  • Boost your positive energy to relaunch your activities and make them more resilient and sustainable.

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