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We recently launched an initiative, called Restart Together, to address challenges and radical changes caused by the pandemic and to collectively identify new green business opportunities for the relaunch of SMEs and the transition to sustainable productive systems in post-pandemic.
  • Our community is working on the definition of innovative collaborative projects built on top of IoT, AI and blockchains technologies in the area of sustainable agriculture and consumption, water management, and energy efficiency.
To learn more about Restart Together or join us click here.

Below are other collaborative ecoSurge projects. If you are working on these topics or are interested in getting involved, please contact us.


March 2020

Covid-19 impact on plastic use and waste in food&beverage

With Social Meter by Maxfone we are monitoring the impact of the pandemic on the path previously taken for reducing plastic production and use through the analysis of contents from web, blogs and social media.



January, 2020

Sustainable packaging in food-supply chains

This project aims at highlighting success stories from around the world, such as innovative products, initiatives and new business models that have succeeded  in reducing plastic packaging in Food&Beverage and providing a competitive advantage to businesses.


January, 2020

Handling waste pharmaceuticals – an environmental risk?

This project lead by Dr. Lucija Kolar in Slovenia aims at raising awareness on waste pharmaceuticals through workshops and practical solutions for a more sustainable pharmaceutical disposal.

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