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Activities carried out by ecoSurge Network together with innovative SMEs, startups, experts, and NGOs. We run regular meet ups as well as communicate on and offline to share and progress ideas. Please have a look at our working groups.

In particular, we focus on helping SMEs engage in SDGs and gain business value out of the sustainable transition.

Foster synergies among experts, academia, NGOs and SMEs via

  • thematic working groups

  • zero-carbon panel discussions

  • web-based events



Support SMEs and local communities with the adoption of  sustainable alternatives 

Be a loud      speaker for  successful solutions/initiatives across the globe to speed up our action for a sustainable transaction

Rise awareness on the importance    of a sustainable lifestyle change through local and web-based events

Working Groups

If you are interested in joining our working groups as an individual or an organization, or are working on a similar topic we are happy to hear from you. Please contact us, each contribution is relevant!

March 2020

Coronavirus impact on plastic reduction and recycle from the consumer and business perspective

With Social Meter by Maxfone we are monitoring the impact of coronavirus pandemic on the path previously taken for reducing plastic production, use and discharge through the analysis of contents from web, blogs and social media.


December, 2019

Handling waste pharmaceuticals – an environmental risk?

This group works on raising awareness on waste pharmaceuticals via workshops on the topic and providing practical solutions for sustainable pharmaceutical disposal.


July 2020

Restart Together Relaunch businesses in the post-emergency in the light of SDGs.

Restart Together aims to support the relaunch of businesses by fostering idea generation, expertise sharing, and cooperation in the light of UN SDGs.


November, 2019

Sustainable packaging in food-supply chains

This group leverages interdisciplinary expertise to inform about innovative solutions for reducing plastic packaging and support food-suppliers in adopting them through proposals that are sustainable from both the environmental and business perspective.


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