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ecoSurge Activities

Activities carried out by ecoSurge Community together with experts, research groups, NGOs and businesses. Please have a look at our working groups.

Cross-domain synergies

Facilitates synergies among experts, academia, NGOs and businesses on emerging opportunities/issues

  1. Zero-carbon panel Discussions with experts

  2. Web-based events

  3. Thematic Working Groups

Be loud speaker of successful stories

Support successful cases and initiatives across the globe to speed up and strengthen our action for sustainable development

Sustainable alternatives for local communities

Support local communities with the adoption of  new sustainable alternatives 

Rise responsibility and awareness on sustainable lifestyle

Rise Awareness on the importance of a sustainable lifestyle change and social responsibility through local and web-based events

Current Working groups

If you are interested in joining our working groups as an individual or organization, being a coordinator, initiating a new working group, or are working on similar topic we are happy to hear from you. Please contact us

September, 2019

Sustainable packaging in food-supply chains

This group leverages interdisciplinary expertise to define a proposal for reducing plastic packaging in food supply-chains that is sustainable from both the environmental and food-supply business perspective.

Daniela Tulone, Ph.D.

casette acqua-2.jpg

September, 2019

Water-houses in neighborhoods and public crossroads in Bologna

This group works on a local proposal for the installation of water-houses in Bologna neighborhoods and public transport spaces, such as airports and train stations, to reduce the use of plastic bottle water.




September, 2019

Handling waste pharmaceuticals – an environmental risk?

This group focuses on raising awareness and offering practical solutions for sustainable pharmaceutical disposal.

Lucija Kolar, Ph.D.


September, 2019

Integrated sustainability reporting for SMEs

This project proposes an annual report for SMEs to control GHG emissions, improve energy efficiency and reuse of its material for the benefit of stakeholders.

Marco Soverini

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