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ecoSurge is a lab of innovative co-creation projects launched by  Dr. Daniela Tulone in 2020 comprising a global community of leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and organizations focused on delivering impactful results towards UN SGSs through digital and business innovation, and cross- sector collaborations among SMEs, research labs, innovation centers and private/public institutions in Europe and USA.


To facilitate the transition to a society that is human-centered and sustains the environment through innovation and active collaborations.


To help SMEs engage the sustainable transition by highlighting inherent opportunities offered by digital and business innovation and active cross-domain collaborations.

UN SDGs focus

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were created as a reference framework to find focus and help solve sustainability problems. To this end we have selected the following SDGs as our focus:

sdgs-selected 2.jpeg

ecoSurge drivers

Our society is undergoing global radical changes with threats of escalating climate changes harming communities and the ecosystem services that sustain us, but also new opportunities thanks to rapid technological advancements and digital transformations. Read more


Core Values

Human beings at the core of productive systems

Technology and business innovation as key ingredients for building sustainable alternatives

Positive approach — challenges as potential opportunities

Empower cross-domain collaboration and collaboration between experts and citizens to gain a better understanding and advance faster

Global perspective and inclusion — each contribution is precious in building a sustainable future

Integrity and loyalty to stakeholders and communities

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