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ecoSurge projects are collaborative and built on top of technologies such as AI, IoT and data analytics, and circular economy principles. They focus on

  • Problem-solving and the design of new products/services. An example of this type of project is the development of an innovative IoT product for the adherence to the therapy of chronic patients which has been co-designed with pharmacies.

  • Data-driven analysis to better assess a sustainability issues and plan ahead. An example of that is the data-driven analysis carried out with SocialMeter srl to analyze the impact of covid-19 on plastic using web and social media contents.

  • Discussions on specific sustainability problems and cross-sector collaborations among SMEs, startups, research labs and institutions. For instance,

    • The Sustainable AI-IoT Think-and-do Series, which tackles the emerging issue of making AI-IoT systems sustainable from the environmental, social and economic viewpoint.  

    •         RestartTogether is a think-and-do tank launched at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic to discuss its impact and collectively identify ways to transform a dramatic event into an opportunity to make a step toward a green transition.

Areas of interest include:

   Adherence to therapy for chronic patients

   Water management in infrastructures and agriculture

   Real-time monitoring in agriculture and food supply chain

   Monitoring for material reuse and plastic reduction in F&B

   Demand-response management in microgrids, PV integration, energy-efficiency


Nov 2021 - May 2022

Sustainable AI-IoT Think-and-do Series

Monthly events to discuss on key issues related to make AI-IoT solutions sustainable at design. See the preliminary program


March, 2020

Sustainable packaging in food-supply chains

This project aims at highlighting success stories from around the world, such as innovative products, initiatives and new business models that have succeeded  in reducing plastic packaging in Food&Beverage and providing a competitive advantage to businesses.


Feb 2020 - Sept 2021

The impact of covid-19 on plastic in food&beverage: a data-driven analysis

ecoSurge and  Social Meter by Maxfone. Publications will be soon availble.


December 2020

Sustainable Agriculture



We are currently working on the design of an innovative platform to facilitate the sustainability transition of farmers and supply chain.


March 2020 - June 2021

Restart Together

A think-and-do tank launch during the pandemic to discuss the social and business impact of covid-19 and identify opportunities for a green recovery. See RestartTogether page.

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