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ecoSurge is a global initiative launched by Dr. Daniela Tulone in January 2020 that aims to accelerate the path towards  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the twin transition, by leveraging both digital and business innovation. Its aim is to

  • Help SMEs engage in the sustainability transition and create value through innovative business projects blending IoT-AI technologies with circular economy principles;

  • Design innovative AI-IoT-based solutions for sustainability issues that are human-centric and sustainable from the environmental, social and economic perspective;

  • Raise awareness and foster active collaboration among SMEs, academia, and institutions.

To facilitate the transition to a society that is human-centered and sustains the environment through innovation and active collaborations.


To help SMEs engage the sustainable transition by highlighting inherent opportunities offered by digital and business innovation and active cross-domain collaborations.



Core Principles

Human-centric solutions that leverage human potential

Digital and business innovation as key ingredients for sustainability challenges

Integrity and loyalty

Diversity and cross-sector collaborations as enablers for sustainability and innovation

Positive approach — unveil opportunities


We live a time of complex challenges but also of unprecedented opportunities offered by technological innovation. Digital technologies, such as AI and IoT, have the potential to accelerate the path towards UN SDGs if designed with sustainability principles in mind. However, how to embed and harmonize environmental, social and economic needs in products/services is not yet clear. ecoSurge tackles this problem by leveraging digital and business innovation, and cross-sector collaborations.. Read more

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